I have been a friend to dogs and animals all of my life. While growing up in Wisconsin, I brought home every stray dog I came across and begged my parents to allow me to keep each one. My mJOHN JANSSENother always said, "John, that dog belongs to someone who is going to miss him!" Therefore, we would set out to find the rightful owner - a lesson I have never forgotten. I have owned and cared for numerous dogs and cats. I have rescued others from neglectful situations, and have raised several litters of puppies. I have a gentle; comforting and calming touch with animals and believe that we are truly the fortunate ones to be blessed with their company. Although a pet belongs to one person or family, I believe that anyone who provides JOHN JANSSEN - Big Heart Pet Grooming & Pet Sittingcare for the pet is responsible for its safety and well-being.

I decided to open a grooming and pet sitting business at the urging of friends and family who know of my love for animals. I am confident that when you entrust your special friends to me, you will feel at ease knowing that they are in loving hands. Call to set up an appointment to view my facilities or to have your four-legged, furry child bathed and groomed. My associates and I look forward to hearing from you.

John Janssen

    • Gentle hands approach to pet grooming
    • Pet sitting
    • Pet yard clean up
    • Clean & friendly grooming facilities
    • Certified and professional pet groomers
    • Special grooming request welcome
    • Early drop-off and pickup available


ADDRESS:  Big Heart
Gentle Hands
Pet Grooming & Sitting
1219 Leawood Street
Fort Collins, CO 80525
PHONE:  970-206-9292